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“Discipline is the slow, bit by bit, time-consuming task of helping children see the sense in acting in a certain way.”

…Dr. James Hymes

We at The Little Mud Puddles Learning Center believe that discipline places the adult in the role of advisor and helper, ready to step in and rescue children from mistakes which may harm them physically and emotionally and let them make mistakes that enable them to grow.


A child will not be allowed to hurt themselves, hurt someone or destroy property. We believe that foreseeing is the most effective way of handling problems. The program and equipment are geared to the child’s age and interests and are of sufficient variety and ample in supply so that the child does not become impatient waiting for his/her “turn”. The staff is experienced in recognizing personality differences, length of attention spans and signs of fatigue or over stimulation.


A child is made aware of the rules and is given time to adjust to the new environment. Redirection is an effective way that staff members may change a child’s unacceptable behavior. If the unacceptable behavior continues, a “time-out”, will be used. The length of the time-out will be one minute per age of the child. If the behavior continues, after time-outs have been implemented, the Director and/or teacher will speak to the parent.

In some instances, parents may be called to pick up their child if the unacceptable behavior continues.

  • Every child will be treated with dignity.

  • No corporal punishment will be inflicted.


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