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To help your child adjust to our Center and program, we need your help. You and your child should visit the Center before his/her enrollment date at least twice or more. This way, your child can become acquainted with his/her homeroom teacher and the other children before entering school. You can also help the adjustment by talking about the school with your child.

Your child will most likely cling to you the first day at school after enrollment. Hugs, smiles, enthusiasm and constant encouragement will undoubtedly help your child have a positive day. This time can be shortened each day until your child is fully adjusted. This may take sometime, about a week in most cases, but do not despair. Even if your child cries every time you leave it usually does not exceed a few minutes and our staff will make sure your child is not left with a feeling of abandonment or loneliness. Also, take time at the end of the day to review your child’s work and progress with his/her teacher.


During the adjustment period your child may give you some bewildering reactions such as extra fussiness, irritability and/or shyness. These reactions will disappear as the child adjusts to the Center’s surroundings. Then he/she will be able to comfortably become involved in the activities and with other children. Our staff will help make the adjustment period as comfortable as possible until your child is able to relate with the other children and get involved on his/her own.


We also feel that in order to help your child we need to know of unusual experiences in your child’s life. Whether they seem to affect you or not, your child picks up easily on the tensions and concerns that you carry. This can affect your child’s behavior immensely. Please understand that we are not trying to be personal but are concerned about your child’s emotional and social behavior. If we know of an incident that may affect your child we are better able to work with your child’s feelings. We cannot stress enough how important it is to keep good communication between you and our staff regarding your child. Your thoughts and concerns need to be brought up in order to help your child to the fullest.

Helpful Tips on Separation

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